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Water Cooler Wisdom

Interaction Associates Podcast

My marketing team at Interaction Associates is small but mighty. But, even with how great we are, there's only so much we can do. We were running into challenges developing more quality content. Enter the IA podcast Water Cooler Wisdom. The main goal of this podcast was to develop more content via video clips, blogs, graphics and of course, full episodes. This strategy has helped us more than double our content output.


From Concept to Execution to Hosting

Water Cooler Wisdom was developed to provide a conversational setting to talk about challenges and what's happening in the workplace. There are plenty of buttoned up, business jargon podcasts out there, so we wanted to fill a different space. 

Originally, the idea was to swap out hosts each week as Interaction Associates has the luxury of having a pool of workplace experts on staff. We quickly decided that having regular voices was the better direction. This is how I became the co-host with the amazing Rachael Grail. We now feature our pool of experts as guests as well as inviting others from outside of our organization.

The branding was built to match our tone. The original concept of the cover art was developed in collaboration with a great designer and I carried it through in the website, marketing material and episode collateral.

We're only a few episodes in, but we're seeing plays steadily increase as well as followers. Episodes, graphic and video clips can be found below.

Water Cooler Wisdom Clipcs


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