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Graphic Design

Innovation Roundtable

Healthcare Innovation, Corporate Wellness

Meet the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR), a vital part of the World 50 network. EHIR is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, uniting Fortune 500 leaders to revolutionize corporate wellness. Since 2015, they've been the go-to platform for top-tier companies seeking cutting-edge health solutions. Through their exclusive roundtables, EHIR sparks pivotal discussions and collaborations, driving the future of employer-based healthcare. This intro sets the stage for showcasing my work with this dynamic and influential organization.


Visualizing Innovation: My Design Journey with the Innovation Roundtable

In my partnership with the Innovation Roundtable, I developed a wide array of graphic design solutions. This includes captivating social media graphics, detailed white papers, and case studies, streamlined one-pagers, effective sales materials, and compelling presentation decks. My work also extended to subtle branding enhancements and dynamic web design. Each design was crafted to engage top innovators and members, mainly from Fortune 500 companies, thereby elevating the Roundtable's events and strengthening its overall market presence.

ir_webmockup copy

Website Mockup Preview

Showcased here is my proposed HubSpot website mockup for the Innovation Roundtable, slated for potential launch in 2024. This preview emphasizes the sleek, user-friendly design, embodying the Roundtable's cutting-edge ethos. While awaiting approval, this mockup represents my vision for enhancing their digital presence.

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